English version_The Crocodile Pirate

It was said that in the riverbank of the Tulang Bawang River, Lampung Province, there was a man who was cursed with a crocodile. The crocodile was known as a very vicious; hence a number of people walking by the river would certainly be gone, no traces, no path at all. One day, a little girl named Aminah was passing by in the river. She was washing her clothes in the river, alone. But, there was something wrong; she was gone. No one knew where she was at the time. All the surrounding settlers tried to find Aminah. They traced the area around the river but they were failed. So, where was Aminah? Let`s do we seek for her in the story about the Crocodile Pirate. Here this! *** Once upon a time in a place that is now known as the province of Lampung, there was a wild crocodile living in the Tulang Bawang River. It was not a common crocodile as it was a man named Somad who was cursed with a crocodile. A number of vessels crossing the river would certainly be hijacked by the crocodile. It was, forasmuch as, known as “the crocodile pirate.” Every single fisherman sailing across the river could have be prey for the crocodile. Not only vessels as well as fishermen, many ordinary people were gone when they were getting around in the river either for washing clothes or taking a bath. Until one day, such tragedies happened afresh. For this time, it was Aminah, a beautifully little girl who was gone unknown when she was washing her clothes in the river. The girl was gone leaving neither trace nor sign. Many local inhabitants helped Aminah`s family to find her. They carefully ferreted out the last known location where she might be there at the time. It had been long time they tried to find her, but all works were failure. They gave up, hence stopped seeking for her. At the same time, Aminah was actually in a cave. She was lying on the ground insensible. “Mom, Dad, where am I?” Aminah mumbled unconsciously. With her remaining energy, Aminah tried to wake up, but she was shock to know that she was in a cave. When she looked at the surrounding, she got more curious to know where she was. The cave was quite bright as the glittering lights of jewelleries inside the cave. There were gold bullion, diamonds, and beautiful dresses within. “Oh my ghost! How enormous these jewelleries! Who has these all?” Aminah asked herself. All of sudden, she heard male voice from the innermost part of the cave. “Hi little girl, don`t worry. These are gonna be yours,” the voice said. Piecemeal, the voice was getting closer to Aminah. How shocked she was to know the voice came out from a crocodile. “Wh…wh…who are you? How come you speak with me as if you were a man? Aminah questioned. “Calm down little girl! It`s true I am physically a crocodile, but actually I`m a man as well as you. You can see me as a man when the full moon,” the crocodile answered. “So how come you become like this?” Aminah was curious. “Someone cursed me with a crocodile as I was very wicked to all people at the time. Oh, my name is Somad. People call me a “savvy hijacker” of the Tulang Bawang River. I do hijack almost all vessels sailing over the river and I save the goods here. No one knows that I am here due to this day,” the crocodile said. “How do you cope with foods and daily needs?” “Well, I sell the few and buy some foods when full moon. So far none of them knows I am the crocodile pirate. Likewise, they don`t know that I have already made this tunnel connecting the cave to the village,” Out of his ken, the crocodile had just recently told everything to Aminah. Knowing such a condition, Aminah tried to remember every single word coming out of the crocodile so that she could use the information. Also, from using the information she wished she could escape away from the cave. “Oh..what`s your name little girl?” the crocodile asked. “I am Aminah. I live in a village in the upper course of the Tulang Bawang River,” Aminah answered. “May I ask you something Somad?” She added. “Go ahead,” the crocodile let her ask him. “Would you tell me the reason why you seize me? Why don`t you eat me as other people who were gone when they were getting around the river? Aminah quizzed. “I bring you here not because I want to eat you. I love you and I want you to be my partner of life here, forever. Would you be my wife?” the crocodile proposed her for marriage. Aminah was shocked and speechless to hear such a question. She was quiet for a moment, while thinking for the best answer. “So…sorry I cannot be with you. It`s impossible thing. My parents will certainly look for me as they are very missing me right now, I`m sure of it,” Aminah answered. “If you wanna live with me here, I will give you these jewelleries, even more I promise. But, if you won`t, let me eat you to forget you,” the crocodile`s threat. She stopped for a moment. She was thinking for another way to escape from the crocodile. “Alright! I wanna be with you here,” Aminah pretended. Aminah had no choice, thus she accepted the proposal. It was aimed at drawing the wool over eyes so that one day, she could run away from the cave. She put jewelleries on her body. On her hands, her heads, and her foots were full of gold, diamond, and elegant dress. Days were gone until one day the crocodile was taking a nap quietly. Fortune seemed really to come to Aminah at the time as the cave`s door was opened. She tiptoed over to the door and escaped away. She did not care of both the crocodile and the jewelleries anymore. The most important thing was how to run as far as away from the crocodile. Finally, Aminah could find the way out from the cave. She saw a light, thus she was really certain that it would be the exit. She kept walking stealthily; while some times she took a look back, ensuring that the situation was safe. She was so happy to know that she was getting closer to the way out. At a glance she saw the spread of green forest outside the cave. “Thanks God, I`m safe. Now I have to run away from this place, before he knows that I have just successfully escape from him,” Aminah mumbled while keeping run. When she had reached a forest, Aminah took a hide amidst the trees. Then, she met a man who was looking for rattan in the forest. “Hi, honey! Who are you? You look in a rush. Are you worrying something? And why are you here alone? Just let me know,” the man asked. “I am Aminah Sir. I`ve just escaped away from the crocodile pirate`s hide-out, over there. I am running away go home through the forest then I meet you here,” Aminah told the man. “Ow..! So you`ve just met the crocodile pirate, haven`t you? Why don`t the crocodile pirate swallow you? Would you tell me more?” the man was shocked to know that Aminah had ever met the crocodile pirate, and she was safe. Since then, Aminah told many things about her experience to be kidnapped by the crocodile pirate. She asked the man to accompany her back home. Soon after arriving home, she gave the elegant dress and jewelleries to the man as gratitude. Lastly, Aminah was safe until she got back home. All people were happy to know that news. She told everything to the local inhabitants, including her parents. Since that time, many things were done to prevent the crocodile pirate`s attacks. The local inhabitants started gradually being careful of washing their clothes in the river. In a short, the crocodile could be arrested. Many people wanted the crocodile to be killed, but the crocodile promised that he would never hunt and hijack anymore. Hence, the situation was normal; they could live in tranquil, no longer in threat from the crocodile pirate. *** Here is the story about the crocodile pirate that is originally from the province of Lampung. It is a fairy tale that bears several moralistic values. At least there are two important messages that can be drawn from the above story: 1. Do not give up very ease. This is a must-have habit to all people over the globe. Many sufferings come to us at all times, so just don`t easily surrender to the fate. Such a habit is shown by the figure of Aminah. She could escape away from the crocodile pirate as she was very patient to face and hear the crocodile`s wish to marry her. As she did not give up and was patiently following the play offered by the crocodile, she could find a great moment to run away from the cave, and she was safe. 2. Hijacking is not allowed. This is universally admitted that any type of hijack is not allowed. It is the figure of Somad who actively hijacked and pirated all vessels crossing over the river. Consequently, he was cursed with a crocodile and alienated from social intercourse. He lived in a cave with no partner during the remaining of his life. Amongst the Malay people, there is a principle that evil deed is strictly forbidden. Just taking a look on Tunjuk Ajar Melayu, it is clearly stated that such a habit performed by Somad is not allowed, as what the pantun below says: Siapa mengambil hak milik orang Tuhan murka orang pun perang It means that one grabs other`s properties, thus God gets angry and people will stay away from him/her. So, do not ever seize other people`s rights and properties


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